In this article, it is aimed to examine the religion of Zoroastrianism which dates back thousands of years, and its ties with Azerbaijan. Zoroastrianism is a religion created in the 7th century BC. It is accepted that the prophet Zoroaster, the creator of this religion, was born in Azerbaijan in 628 BC. Today, Zoroastrianism is the most ancient monotheistic religion among the religions worshiped. There is a great deal of extensive research on Zoroastrianism, but not much has been mentioned about its ties to Azerbaijan. Zoroastrianism is most widespread in Azerbaijan, Iran and Central Asian regions. This religion has been in struggle for a long time with the religions of Christianity and Islam which were created later and tried to spread in this region. Zoroastrianism gradually declined and disappeared after Islam became the widespread religion, but it never disappeared. The person who introduced Zoroastrianism to Europe with the article he published in 1771 was the French scientist Anketil Düperron. Zoroastrianism had very frequent relations with Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan lands have always been sacred to Zoroastrians and all Zoroastrians have shown great respect to these lands. In fact, the respect of the Sassanid rulers here can answer many things. Today, although there is no one who worships Zoroastrianism in official sources in the Republic of Azerbaijan, the important Zoroastrian here Ateshgahs are visited by Zoroastrians from different parts of the world. Although Zoroastrianism is not a widespread religion today, it still has an influence today.

Anahtar Kelimeler
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